Modern stairs – a great accent for your home. A large staircase materials and forms of diversity, allow you to choose different solutions and implement them. Types of ladders and size depend on your needs and desires.

Stairs is one of the most important and most difficult parts of the house, so their design can be freely hanging, wooden, metal, closed, open, combined. Variety of forms depend on the stairs substrate.

Stairs on wooden constructions. These stairs design consists of two wooden beams that can be adopted in stages from the side or underneath.
Depending on the stairs of the project they can be closed or open.

Stairs on the concrete constructions. Concrete construction is the stabiliest construction ,because Tiers are glued directly onto concrete. This construction  allows  to make various forms of  stairs.

Stairs on metal constructions. Constructions of stares are divided into single, double and coil. If you want  visually lighter stairs – choose  double stares, and the spiral structure will be useful for those who want to save some space.

It is important to remember that ladder constructions made from concrete and steel need to build before finishing.